Interview with the Tryon Daily Bulletin

I had a great interview with the Tryon Daily Bulletin, my local newspaper here in Polk County, North Carolina!  Click the highlighted title above to read it.  

Quick Update:  I am working on the first round of edits for MOONFLOWER & will be starting edits on WOLFSBANE shortly after that.  Then, it’ll be time to finish writing the sequels to both of those YA series.  

More updates to follow soon!  Thanks for tuning in.

Amanda McCrohan

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
~Joseph Campbell



And so it begins…



Friday, July 11th marked my 39th spin around this big, round rock we call earth.  (We won’t talk about what happens next year… I’ll be the woman in the black funeral veil crying in one of the corners of a local coffee shop…)  

Besides hitting the “end of my 30s” so to speak, I signed contracts with independent book publisher, Mundania Press for two of my YA novels.

Without writing the full synopses, I’ll boil the books down to the bare bones:  “Moonflower” is a novel about a teenage witch who flees an abusive home and finds out on her sixteenth birthday that she comes from a long lineage of witches.  My other novel, “Wolfsbane,” is a novel about a teenage girl who finds out she is destined to become a werewolf hunter.   

I have started edits on “Moonflower” and they are going well.  I am really into the story and having fun with it.

I don’t have the release dates as of yet, but once I find out I’ll let you know!  Please visit me on Facebook or Twitter for current updates, to read articles that I find helpful or just plain awesome and to scroll through all of my #crazycatlady pics.  

~Amanda McCrohan